You Were Loved More Than You Know

I don’t remember the first time I heard his voice. I don’t remember when I feel so deep in love with his words that I felt alive. I don’t remember where I was and who was with me.

All I know is that Chester Bennington was and will always be someone who spoke to my soul. He spoke to my grief, he spoke to my anger, my relief and my optimism. He taught me that it was okay to be angry, that it was okay to scream at the top of my lungs, to use music as a means of relief.

I didn’t have it so good emotionally as a child. I think we all have those year’s when you’re between finding out who you really are and what everyone else wants you to be. I love Linkin Park and the sound Chester was able to provide to the entire band was like the voice of a thousand souls coming together to help each other become whole.

His wails of anger, misery, and hope always had a special place in my heart no matter if “their sound changed” or not. I am heart broken over his passing and I hope God forgives him for the sins he committed in his life and blesses him with renewed peace and love.

I don’t understand why he did what he did, but we all have demons we fight everyday and sometimes it just takes a moment, a lapse of judgement to do something that will affect the lives of those who mean the most to us. That will break the heart of those that love you the most.

Though you may not always see or feel it, someone, someone loves you but you must also learn to love yourself. There is much you offer to the world, a smile, a handshake, a hug, a wave. Though insignificant they may seem, it could mean the world to someone. They could mean so much to a stranger and those around you. I hope that as you read this you think of the reasons why you love you, any little thing, anything; the reasons why others love you, and the reasons why you MATTER to this world. You may not know these answers today, at this moment as you read this, but take your days as time to find out what those reasons may be.

For all you know you could make someone’s day just by holding the door open for them. And that smile you get, the smile you give is one reason more.

Thank you for reading through this blog of mine. I still cry for the giving soul that was Chester and I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to have experienced Chester’s energy while he was on this earth and making my biggest dream come true. Twice.

God bless Brad, Mike, Joe, Rob, Dave, his entire family, friends, and fans. I hope he found his everlasting peace.

Strength. Love. Smile.


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