Breath of Relief

There was some fear in me last week. One of the larger schools in our state had an active attack on its premises and a lot of people I love attend the school. 

I was close, so close to reaching out to him because his sister attends the same school. Well, I think she still does. There was anxiety, fear, and hesitance all wrapped in one. 

I was close, so very close. Then I was going to text her directly but I didn’t. I wanted to make sure, that she was safe that she was okay, but I couldn’t.

Isn’t that just sad? It’s like an entire line of people I could’ve have loved, or cared about at some point, just isn’t possible anymore. Lost love. That’s so crazy and all because of a decision that was made. 

I wanted to reach out, to ask but I promised. At that moment, I had to believe she was okay, that everyone was. 

All of them are okay. It was a breath of relief. 


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