Second Date Update

Not happening.

One sentence: I’ll buy your love. 

Nor is it funny or witty to say that to a woman who takes pride in her self-worth and success.

I may not be at the top of my career ladder but I take pride in all that I have accomplished to have someone tell me that they want to buy my love.

I get it, you really like me, but…

What would make him think it is okay to tell me that? Knowing that I am someone who takes her individuality and accomplishments very seriously. 

I have not only made sure I have mutual bonds, a stable job, a 401(k), insurance and I am buying a home but I also placed myself as a women’s rights and immigration rights supporter that’s made it clear that gender roles are not for me; all at the tender age of 24! 

No, sir. I don’t need you to buy my love. I give it FREELY. 

The audacity. Try again. 

Side note: my birthday was on the 27th of March. 
Love. Respect. Strength. Tenacity. 


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