He called me gorgeous 

How nice, right? Yes, very nice. It’s nice to hear that again. 

I’m going on a date with this guy to the Rodeo. I am super Texan, the Rodeo is a must! 🙂

Let me tell you all, I’m someone that is easily attracted to someone’s personality and character more than I am attracted to someone’s physical attributes. So, this guy called me gorgeous, mind you I met him in college and he had the balls to ask me out even if we have only ever spoken once. I said sure, I mean why not. 

I am genuinely surprised that his personality is actually quite nice. I thought he would be shy but nope he’s straight forward and that’s an amazing change. He’s not a dry potatoe. 

Most guys once they show their interest feel as though a girl has to put in more effort than he does, like what the fuck. No. It should be equal, I find this with the more attractive guys. Like boy, bye! 

I just hope I have fun. He called me gorgeous. 

Live, Laugh, Love. 


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