I Was A Part of History

My first blog of 2017! How exciting but bittersweet. Last year was more hopeful and less emotionally heavy. But the last is the past and we are here now.

This recent election has left many people divided, many. Due to race, religion, values and morals. I admit it is hard to understand someone else’s point of view when there are facts that tell you that if you don’t change your stance or be flexible your long held views will put the life’s of others at risk. I think that’s what it boils down to, if someone believes something that is fundamentally accepted by a larger population as wrong but those in power, money and access to choices for all don’t, how can you fight? 

That’s the beauty of people, that as a collective we can make a difference and we mustn’t stop, ever. We must be able to separate our views from life-threatning situations and act accordingly.

I marched with thousands of people on Jan. 21 to show my empathy to others, to shown my brothers and sister who face oppression, death, injustice and prejudice that I stand with them with no fear. That while I may not be rich in money I am rich in hope and voice. 

It was heart warming to hear others chanting “Black Lives Matter”, “Si Se Puede”, “Her Body, Ber Choice”, and more. This is the fundamental ability of others to respect all regardless of socioeconomic background, documented status, religion beliefs and more. 

If someone doesn’t think as you do, even after you have a conversation aligning your sameness and differences, then fine; still love, while recognizing their hyprocrisy and even yours, and still fight for them too (maybe, not them but for their children to live in a more inclusive world). Get mad for those you know can’t fight for themselves, accept the help of your white brothers and sisters who want to stand with you but might not necessarily be as brave or have experienced things as someone who has long fought against prejudice and injustice, teach them and encourage them to stand with you, ignore those who are extreme (those in all respective religions, races and more), love no matter what, accept faults within yourself and your community. Don’t fall prey to in-the-moment emotions, think through and keep your composure. Think before you speak. 

You are well within your rights to show your freedom of speech. You can choose to not support those that don’t understand and explicitly put the lives of others at risk and that is well within your right. This new administration has made it seem as though everything is black or white, there will always be grey. Nothing is without some sort of challenge that can go either way, but compromise and communication in any type of relationship is key.

Times are hard and it hasn’t been easy and moving forward won’t be either. Personally, I too struggle knowing at what point do I cognitively separate my thoughts and views from someone who drives around with a Confederate flag sticker or their car, or someone with a “Make America Great Again” hat. 

I have to think; they don’t know what I’ve faced, they don’t know what’s at risk in the grand scheme of things. I have to think this before I turn my back to them or anyone, because while you still fight for them (really it’s mostly for the future of their children), you have to understand why. Their is no justification for their actions if you understand that they explicitly knew the implications of this administration. 

You don’t stay friends with someone who deliberately harms your rights, freedoms and life. That’s hypocrisy from YOU. You don’t support someone who did something that would harm you for their economic gain. They are saying money is more important than your life. While you do need money to survive in this world; you don’t need billions of dollars when your fellow comrades/employees (fill in the blanks here) are struggling to even provide food for their families.

I say be cordial my friends, respect and love at all times. The biggest way you can impact someone who only cares about their money is by divesting. The biggest way you can fight someone who is imposing on your liberties is by resisting. The biggest way you can protect your life from someone who doesn’t care about you is by staying informed.

Stead fast my friends. Privelage shows up and comes from many people. Like I said it’s a hard time to have relationships and understand what to do when someone’s true views and morals come into play.

It’s hard to understand and hard to even write this knowing there are many things to consider. Especially when you just keep going round and round and round. Keep having conversations, know the facts, keep your head up and always keep the grand scheme of things in mind. Choose wisely. I’m here for the greater good.

Love, love, love. Respect, respect, respect. 


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