December 2016

I think this might be my last post for 2016. Maybe.

A lot of people have been saying that this year has been one of the worst years ever. We elected the worst president in modern history and hate is on the rise.

Overall, yes, but might I say, I don’t know if I fully agree when it pertains to my personal life. 

I have loved and lost, I have been hated on and I have been lost.

Yet, through it all I know I got “woke.” I have never lived my life so fully and independently. I went on my first solo trip, and loved it, I got my first dream job, got my first career raise, got healthy, and found love in family and friends. While this is not yet, the story of a fully healed broken heart; I know that 2016 was something that I needed to go through to get where I am today, and help me along my way. 

I know what I want and understand myself a little more. I have hope that my next “papacito” will teach me more than I already know. 

My best friend says she can’t wait to meet him.

While I don’t have huge high hopes for us, as a  large community, I have huge hopes for what the little people can do one day at a time to prove people wrong, use their voices and platforms to speak out and make a difference. I don’t think much will change in 1 year for the better but I think we can get there eventually. 

Many good and bad things happened this year but I know, personally I will strive to continue to do more and acccomplish more goals.

Forever love. 


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