Little Brown Girl

I’m Latina. Let’s start there. My parents, as some of you may know from past post, are immigrants of Guatemala. While I may have ties to that country, I’ve never really seen it as home.

America is home. America was home. A home that today, showed me doesn’t fully accepts me as the Little Brown Girl that I am. I cry today, not because of political parties but because there is a majority of people out there that hates me, though silent some of them may be, not only because of the color of my skin but also my sex. This double whammy stuff, oh it’s very real. That is why I can’t help but cry today, because while I knew racism was very real and alive, I didn’t think it was as powerful as it still is today. I cry for broken children, I cry for my people, I cry for those they hate so much but I cry just for today. 

I won’t stay silent, I won’t give up. Be assured that the more they hate, the louder we get, the stronger we become and the more we will fight. Stay mad, get organized, engage and make a difference. 


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