I forgot & I remembered 

I forgot how exciting it can be to have immediate connections with people.

To be able to kiss and tell just for fun. Now, now I don’t go around and if I did, you can’t judge the choices people make, that’s a story for another post. 

I went on my first solo trip this week and my first night I decided to go out by myself. With no thought of what I wanted to do or who I was going to meet. I went. I met a couple of strangers some that knew each other and some that joined us along the way. It was exhilarating. I drank and drank and danced the night away. 4am came too soon. I made connections and I was nice to people and no one, I mean no one was angry towards me or bitter. It was great. I danced with strangers and strangers dance with me.

The second day I went out to explore and again met the nicest people, one guy made me crack up in a picture and another made me jump. Pretty cool stuff. I went to a museum and walked around at night, saw the most amazing view and had no remorse or fear of talking to complete strangers. I was happy! I was doing my own shit and no one could tell me what not to do. 

I walked back to my hotel at night, should’ve went out with the cute guy at the front desk, bought a drink at the bar and met the most sheltered white person ever, and just had a blast. I was even invited to visit someone in Orlando! Which I might just do. 😉 

All in all, it was all very liberating and I found out I can very damn well do just fine all by myself. I can flirt, dance, drink, eat and play without the need of someone beside me. I feel renewed as an independent woman and know that whatever decisions I make in life, they are mine to make. I’m falling back in love with me. And me is pretty damn fucking great. 


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