Sixth Sense

It’s like guys have an immediate knowing when a girl becomes available. Like how can they read between the lines when I made no comment on my relationship status? I have been reached out by two guys who I probably haven’t talked to since my junior year. Maybe it is just a coincidence and I am over thinking it, most likely. 

How does that happen? Why is it now that they decided to reach out to me. Just seemed crazy. 

And let me tell you all something, to react a certain way, fist pumping and celebrating, when someone has broken up with their significant other is not the appropriate response. Even though I am not surprised from that persons reaction and I couldn’t do anything but sort of giggle awkwardly, it was VERY insensitive. 

I guess… Some people just honestly don’t think before they react. Regardless, I am still wrapping my head around the idea that I am single again. It seems sort of liberating to do whatever I want now and “dance” freely without any thought of guilt or responsibility to someone else. It will be hard being single again after two years but it’ll be alright, I lived life 20 years without him and just 2 years with him. You do the math. 

Regardless, I hope that he continues to be a part of my life. Even if at this moment there is still some anxiety, at least on my end.

Funny story, I gave the second guy my number thinking it was another friend I knew from high school. Come to find out, wrong guy. Gosh damn, oops. 

Stay strong. Breathe. Smile. Live. 


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