I went on an interview today for an Account Executive position. I killed it! Being with a group of people that understand your passion and want to make the world a better place. How amazing! The CEO interviews me and she was an amazing person. This organization is a group of minority woman making strides … Continue reading Interview


I’m tired

I'm tired of the unemotional attachment. I'm tired of putting people as priorities in my life that don't reciprocate those feelings. I'm tired of the detached, and reserved alienation. I'm tired of the negative. I'm tired of the dismissiveness. I'm tired of being tired. You get so consumed in love (drunk in love) you lose … Continue reading I’m tired


Sometimes I feel like life is winning and I am losing. It's hard to share your thoughts and feeling with others when they don't necessarily try to understand you. Maybe it's about living life the way I want and not sharing every piece of me with someone. Maybe you have to protect some deep part … Continue reading Losing

No title

Love lost. I have toyed with the idea of lost love in the past. Maybe it is the hopeless romantic in me that believes love can't just disappear from one day to the other, or maybe those who choose to believe otherwise are right. Regardless, love lost is better than not having love at all.