Recent Grad!

It’s here, it’s been here. I have been swept up by ‘adult’ life. I graduated college about three months ago and goodness it is different. I have responsibilities I didn’t have before and it is hard sometimes, very hard to know when to make decisions on your own or ask for help.

Now, don’t get me wrong I always ask for help. I ask my boss when needed for clarification but to make big decisions on your own sometimes is very hard when you job is on the line. However, I know I am a lucky one because many people my age don’t even have a job straight out of college. One of my friends hasn’t been able to find a job for the last five months and it wears her out. We are growing up and are all taking different directions.

May best friend, who I pray to God, will be a part of my future is moving on to a higher education in dentistry. The distance for our relationship is going to be hard, I quite enjoyed seeing and being with him practically everyday for the last three years. I love him nonetheless and hope to have cute babies with him in the future. I am a realist though and I have said this before, I have cried with him, I have argued with him and I honestly don’t know where we may end up but I do hope it is together. We are growing up and are all taking different directions.

Nonetheless, I’ve learned that it takes a good amount of effort to keep relationships. I know certain people won’t be a part of my future, and I’m okay with that. I will continue making time for those who have always loved me regardless of how stupid I can be sometimes. Yes, we are all taking different directions but at the end of the day, communication IS key. You can’t can’t communicate! Whether verbal or non-verbal, in all relationships our actions and words have meaning. Be more conscience of the things you say and how, because honestly they matter. Don’t act out of anger and try to communicate sincerely without hurting others! Love deeply and continue to cherish loved family and friends!

Remember: relationships, the ones worthwhile, take effort.


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