Social Media?

It is at moments like these that I understand how privileged I am compared to other children. So many people would love to travel to a different country to see their family members but can’t for different reasons. My parents made their dreams true by working hard and making sure they keep going. I will be traveling to Guatemala to see my family to share some time with them. How exciting right?
On with life! There has been a recurring theme in my life right now and that theme is social media. This little technological advancement, if you can it that, has shaped a lot of what we wish display to others, what communication theorists call ‘face’. This summer, I got the opportunity to intern with a small business in my hometown and one of my job requirements is to engage customers to follow us and like us through our social media. One of the mothers was very vocal about how Facebook has shaped the way she sees other people, especially mothers. She was frustrated that many mothers only post all the good things that their children do and that by doing this, it made it seem like their child was perfect with disregard to how it would make other mothers feel. She said, “It makes you feel inadequate and that your child is just not as great as theirs. That is why I hate it.”
Now, I find flaws in her idea. First of all why would you boast about the bad things your child does, it would encourage bad behavior from your child. Second, why not boast about your children? Sometimes it feel amazing that you child is doing something so amazing you need to post. Even if that something is kicking a soccer ball around and making a goal, or something just as significant as their first hand painting.
Now, she does have a point that most people exaggerate the accomplishments of their children and some people do it with malice. I can say that I did post some things to get back at my ex-boyfriend, not evil but just a little sniper of how happy I was, and am, without him. I know, I know how childish! Sometimes we have week moments and it happens. Now that I am more liberated in my self, I am more careful about the things I say and do. I love taking pictures, telling people about my accomplishments and things that I am happy to have done. That does not make me a self-centered person, I have friends and family that I cannot communicate easily with and it is nice to let people know that you are slowly but surely making your dreams come true. Recognition is always nice too, we need to know that what we are doing is right sometimes. A little encouragement from those that know you and know what you want in life, something that they are proud of you doing, is always nice.
Life is about many things, many people and many entities. We need to enjoy the moments we have here without making others feel they are worth any less than we are. I am now more careful of the things I say because at the end of the day, the truth comes out anyway.


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