My Life

I forgot to introduce myself. How rude! Now, I wrote something last week about the things in life that I find have shaped who I am. Unfortunately, most of them were negative but I noticed that they made me stronger and happier with life. I noticed that I have nothing to complain about, mostly. People say that there are other’s out there that have had a worse life than my own. I think that everyone goes through bad things in life differently. You cannot compare one person’s pain with another’s. Pain is pain, no matter what form we receive it in. We cannot put differences in the emotional, physical, and mental pain that people go through, and then decide one is worse than the other. That is not fair.

Now, I am someone who has experience pain, but then again who hasn’t. My pain is different from yours and I am completely, 100%, fine with that. I love those that love me and respect those that respect me. I am learning to accept myself for who I am, though I am still scared to let people into my personal life. I learn through others pain so that does not happen to me, but sometimes we just have to go through it ourselves.

I love with all my heart, I am judgmental but fair. I have been hurt and have hurt. I am not perfect but will strive for excellence. I look up to the women in my life who have it together, and cherish me as someone to guide. For them I am thankful. My first kiss…awkward, but let me tell you, I will ,and am cherishing him forever. I can tell him, and trust him with my life. My first love was a heartbreak. Not the most common beginning and certainly not the best ending. I’ve loved and lost. 

I will continue to go on! I might post my story later on, but for now I feel like this, this is enough.


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