“On the Radio…”

While my sister and I drove to ATX for breakfast, we were listening to this radio station. There was a kid being interviewed, 18 years old, and the radio hosts were talking to him about how he has not had a girlfriend, kissed, etc with a girl. Now my first thought, ‘Nice, they are helping him out’. Then they kept talking to him and welcomed an exotic dancer…

He was asked if he ever tried anything with an ‘ugly’ girl to see if she would hook up with him, he said yes but that the girl had said no. They asked him if he was always friend zone, he said yes. He kept getting asked questions and I was surprised that more than helping him they were shaping the way he looked at women negatively. As the show kept going, they offered to let the dancer give him a lap dance and then told him he should hook up with the ugliest girl in school so he could at least start of somewhere. The host that suggested this said, “I went out with this band girl, she was the ugliest thing but she had the biggest boobs so I went out with her”. He even expressed that her face looked like someone had run over it.

As a 20 year-old young lady, I was offended. Now, I agree that every girl has her own “code” but not all of them are easy. How dare they manipulate a young adult to lower his expectations of women and himself. I was upset that they would be so demeaning towards women, especially in a society that creates enough stigmas that a young girl can not possibly keep up! Throughout the whole interview, they never once asked him about how he approached girls his age or how he acted around them. I understand that they are trying to create an entertaining show but that does not mean a society of young people, even adults needs to be set back more than it already is mentally, socially, and emotionally. Children need to learn about what it takes to be human and compassionate. Not stupid, coarse, and unemotional to the feeling of others.

When I expressed my opinion to my sister she told me that this radio station is really popular in the city. I could not understand why and then I remembered one of my communications professors telling my class, “Common sense is not so common, and people are more stupid than they seem”. This just proved her point.


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